Mobiola WebCam 3.0.19

Mobiola WebCam 3.0.19 [Symbian 9.x] Inc | 4.81 Mb:

Program that makes your webcam from your mobile phone. Excellent opportunities, simple and intuitive interface. There is support for all major models of phones and smartphones. Works fine, with their functions to cope perfectly well. You can easily install this program, and use his Mobile in as a webcam.

To install, follow these steps:

  •  On the computer, install prog Mobiola. Replace the file webcam.exe from folder Crack.
  •  Set the file *. sis for mobile.
  • Run the program on your phone and computer.
  •  If you have several smart cameras, select the
  •  On your computer, select the connection type (USB, Bluetooth, WiFi)
  •  The mobile also select: Connect USB, or Bluetooth.
  •  Once the show began with a smart camera, hence the data on your computer go.
  • The size of the transmitted images is governed by a camera settings Smart

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