Phone LionKing800

Phone LionKing800 - amazing liver:

  • The Chinese company has issued CECT mobile phone LionKing800 capable, according to the developers, to work out in the standby mode until the year.
  • Time claimed in a call is from three to five days. Such high rates of the creators of the device has been achieved by using the phone 16800 mAh battery capacity. However, to verify the statement developers can only buy the phone for 145 dollars.
  • Other features of the device is quite standard. The phone supports the work of the networks GSM 900/DCS 1800 and equipped with a 3.5 - inch touch screen display with a resolution of 240 dots and h320 being displayed 260 thousand colors.
  • There are 256 MB of memory and a built-microSD slot. The size of a phone - 120 h65h20.

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