Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile:

  • Greetings everyone! I brought you today one of the finest anti virus - anti theft engine for your smartphones. Yes, as the title suggest, I am precisely talking about Kaspersky Mobile Security 2008 for handhelds and mobile phones of the 3rd Edition.

  • This super cool application is free to download, but all I ask of you is to subscribe to my RSS feed for free before downloading. The application is compatible with the latest NSeries, ESeries S60 mobile phones and smartphones of Nokia including, Nokia E51, E50, N73, N78, N96, N95, N91, 3250, N92, N93, N76, N71, N77, 6110, 6120, 5700, 5710, 5310, 5300, N80, E60, E61, N81, N82, E62, E65, E70 and E90 and probably more.

Hey Download From Here !

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